In the Orlando airport by Tim

Here we are sleepily awaiting the announcement to board Delta flight 2328 to Detroit, our gateway to China; from there we go to Beijing. Why Detroit? Someone speculated there’s automobile industry traffic between the two cities, one formerly the world’s car capital, one the new. Most of General Motors’ sales this year are to millions of new Chinese drivers.

Our last night in Tallahassee was especially fun with time with my brother David, his family, and my parents. David asked exactly where it is we are headed. “Hangzhou. Marco Polo allegedly visited it. He said it’s the most beautiful place in the world.” “Wait a minute!” he exclaimed. “I know all about this. Hangzhou, Marco Polo — yes! That’s in the movie at the Chinese pavilion at EPCOT!” Eureka! If you can’t go to a foreign country, Disney’s a better source about the world than no source…. And other countries don’t have an EPCOT (which actually employs nationals of the countries hosting pavilions). How do foreigners learn about American cities other than NYC, LA, etc.?

Gotta board for Detroit….


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