Teaching topics

I’ve learned I’ll teach an undergrad course on American legal and constitutional history in the fall at Zhejiang U. I’m concerned, just a little, about students’ ability in the English language, so will be conservative in what to assign for reading. I’m also concerned, against just a little, about recent CCP pronouncements discouraging public discussion of constitutionalism and liberal democracy (“China Takes Aim at Western Ideas,” NYT, August 19). Odd timing?


3 thoughts on “Teaching topics

  1. Oh, it’ll be fun! I’ll be curious to learn how students react. I suspect they’ll be more carefree than university administrators. Agreed on the conservative reading/writing assignments. Depending on the number of students, you might consider some oral presentations or tests.

  2. Tim,
    You might want to reformat the design on your page and put a plain background in the middle. I could read what you had to say (it had a white background), but comments overlay directly on the Chinese background and that interferes with reading comments. I hope you are all doing well. –Gayla

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