What a domestic Chinese air flight shows for film entertainment

Our family flew from Hangzhou to Beijing Sunday to come to a Fulbright orientation meeting. There were four segments to China Eastern Airlines’ cabin film during the two-hour flight: a critique on the movie “Finding Mr. Right,” about a young Chinese woman, Jiajia, the materialistic girlfriend of a Chinese tycoon, who, in a ploy to gain U.S. residency, comes to Seattle pregnant (a “birth tourist”). She stays at a birthing center, where she meets a handsome doctor, Frank, a Chinese immigrant and single dad. Love follows… After quoting the relevant text of the 14th Amendment, the critique emphasized the serious risks to anyone attempting to really pull off what Jiajia did: the expense, the alienation, the cultural challenges for the child, the shame. The message: everything that glitters in the Land of the Open Door isn’t gold. 2) A commentary by a Chinese history professor on the South Sea Bubble financial scandal in 1720, which he somehow concluded was a forerunner to the 2008 global economic crisis triggered by shady American banking practices. 3) A few episodes of the Quebec Candid Camera, “Just for Laughs.” Very funny, even without any words to hear (just Chinese subtitles). 4) A documentary warning about the potential extinction of the Asian tiger – only about 7,000 left in the world.


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