Breaking News! Grade 6 Has Returned! by Sumner

Breaking News. Grade Six From HIS International School has Returned from Tonglu!

On September twenty third, 2013 the two sixth grade classes from HIS International School set out on a petrifying and risky endeavor that would change their lives. At 8:15 in the morning they stepped on the bus not to touch Hangzhou again for four whole days! After three hours the kids finally touched ground again.

They were at the first amazing stop, Yaoling Cave. The colorful lights stunned them to where they took over 500 pictures! Then they hiked down the mountain, which actually was quite high. Next stop was Barbizon Vacation Resort. The kids really did enjoy being at the Barbizon. They had parties in their rooms, watched movies, quickly sprinted down the hallways and did some stuff that the chaperones Emily Roberts and Jacob Haag didn’t know about. [Note from the chaperone Emily who asked what “stuff” meant. The writer said, “Nothing. It’s just what writers say in literature.”]

The next day the sixth graders had a bunch of activities to choose from. They all were given a laminated piece of paper that had ten sections that each represented ten RMB. They could choose what to do. Horseback Riding cost twenty RMB, Grass Sliding also cost twenty, Go-Karts thirty and Archery ten for ten arrows. So I’ll give you an example. This awesome kid named Sumner really wanted to do Go-Karts, but Go-Karts was the only activity in the afternoon. So Grass Sliding was the first thing he did, and it cost twenty so he gave them two sections of his paper. So then he had eight sections left. Then Sumner went to Archery and did it twice so then he had six left. But since he really wanted to do Go-Karts Sumner did not do Horseback Riding. (Sumner actually did not do the horse because he thought it would be kind of boring.)

The third day the children became farmers. They got some cool hats and a hand pick axe, then advanced to the field. First they farmed potatoes, then plowed the field with a water buffalo to find more potatoes. After that they planted lettuce.

Sumner, in yellow, planting.

After that they made their own lunch in a rural area of Tonglu in an original kitchen.

Sumner & a classmate in the kitchen with their host.

Sumner & Zoe’s group with their host who drank beer from a bowl.

Then they went to get a foot massage which a lot of the kids thought felt ticklish. Then they went to a grocery store to buy food for a picnic they were going to have the following day.

Day four. The kids hiked up Diqi Mountain. “They were very good sports. They hiked for an hour and only whined a little bit,” says chaperone Emily Roberts. For their reward they got to coast down a thirty second glider that went about thirty five kph, and if any of the kids were nervous they could connect their cars with another person’s car. After that they jumped back to the bus and drove all the way back to Hangzhou.


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