Street Sugar Cane

Street Sugar Cane

Hangzhou street vendors are now selling sugar cane, a little like New York vendors sell chestnuts this time of year. In a couple of minutes a vendor will peel and cut the cane into 6 inch pieces and stuff in a plastic bag. You bite off chunks, suck the juice, and spit out (don’t swallow!) the pulp. Or, if you can wait til you get home, boil it with pears apples and raisins. Yum.


5 thoughts on “Street Sugar Cane

  1. Haha, so nice to see you guys enjoying sugar cane, my favorite. Though people today enjoy sugar cane the way you described above, I still miss when I was very young, people simply used their teeth to finish (peel, bite, chew and suck the juice) a whole uncut sugar cane,.and we children used these probably longest fruits in our hands to fight each other. That was a lot fun!

  2. 1. Cousin Jordan Brown thought that an old photo of Granddaddy Roberts looked like you, Timothy. Granddaddy had on a bowtie in the photo.
    2. I remember eating sugar cane that way when I was 8-9 years old. There was a small “patch” of it growing in our front yard in Ft. Myers, Fl.
    3. I received your postcard of China after we arrived in Florida, so was able to share it with everyone.
    4. There is ice and snow with minus temperatures here. The governor even told people to stay off the streets. We travel again to Florida soon. We found new doctors for us, a vet for the dogs, and my new church.
    5 FSU is now National BSO champs, #1 since last evening. Good game on TV with Auburn.

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