Zoe & Sumner in Model United Nations by Emily

Model United Nations (MUN) is based upon the United Nations and is for middle and high schoolers, as well as university students.  Students get to be a delegate from a country and serve on a committee.  They research and formulate political positions based on the actual policies of the country they represent.

At a MUN conference, MUN clubs from surrounding cities or countries gather.  Words like these will be heard:  delegate, debate, caucus, placards, speeches,please refrain, time limit, resolutions, vote.

In the fall Zoe got involved in the MUN club at school.  As a delegate from Canada on the subject of Human Trafficking, she attended a conference which was primarily for high schoolers.

Zoe at the beginning of the conference                        pic.Z.scared.MUN 

Our school’s MUN club at the end of the conferencepics.Z.fall.MUN

Sumner then got involved,    20140301_135301_resized

and he and Zoe attended a conference for middle schoolers (chaired by high schoolers).


Their topic was Intellectual Property Rights, and they represented India and France.  At this conference Zoe’s resolution (a proposal for how to handle this problem) was debated, voted on and approved almost unanimously by the other countries.

She was quite pleased.20140301_135147_resized


7 thoughts on “Zoe & Sumner in Model United Nations by Emily

  1. So cool!!! I’m proud of both of them. I would be interested to see Zoe’s proposal. It’s such a big issue here too. I remember having huge discussions about that when I was working on my library master degree. Love y’all,



  2. Happiness is a posting from the Roberts family!! What a picture you folks make – beautiful! Zoe had a great idea and it looked like such fun. I am thrilled with all the experiences you folks are having and know that you are making memories that will never fade away. The MUN is an idea I hadn’t heard of…to think both kids participated – WOW – I am impressed! We miss all of you and look forward to seeing you again. Lynn was here last week and looked through our notebook of your postings, again. He really enjoys reading about your adventures and insights. Love to all, Bill and Marge

    • Margie and Bill, Thx for reading and commenting. I have been impressed with the issues the MUN addresses and causes the kids to have to consider. it is fun to watch them in a debate with all of its formality and protocol.
      Look forward to seeing you this summer. Maybe July…. 🙂

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