Quick note for teachers: we’re being watched all the time

Hi everyone, we just finished another eight-week term at Zhejiang University. After the last class we were all sitting around the seminar table and a graduate student confided, “Tim, you know, I liked the class, but the most important thing you showed me was on the first day.” “Hmm. okay. What was that?” “Do you remember that the dry erase board was covered with permanent ink and scratches?” “Yes.” “Well, after class you found rags and water and scrubbed and scrubbed it, so we could use it again.” “Right. I took the bark off. I needed it to teach.” “Well, do teachers really do that kind of stuff in America? If so, it’s different. Our teachers here would make us do that cleaning, or maybe try to get the department to go buy a new board. They would NEVER do it themselves.” I quickly explained that not all American teachers are so thrifty as that, and it’s more a family value we have than anything like a national virtue to reuse and recycle stuff, etc. She paused. “Well, anyway, I think it’s good that my American teacher did that.” So much for the all the lecture preps during the term!


2 thoughts on “Quick note for teachers: we’re being watched all the time

  1.     Thanks for an informative and humorous (sp?)  conversation.   We hope you five have a  nice Easter – wish we could be there with you.  I wish the entire world could celebrate Easter with its true meaning.  Hope all of  you are well and extraordinarily happy.  Thanks for the”quick note for teachers” (if I haven’t already mentioned it.  – Millard wants to send  cc of it to Edwin.Send us some pictures of Easter in China.  Love, love to each.  Mamaw 

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