Picking Yangmei fruit in Zhejiang Province

Our family visited our friend Stacy in her village of Jinyun. Her father took us to Yuewang Mountain to pick yangmei, a.k.a. red bayberry or yumberry. The latter is most accurate. Yangmei ripens only late May to early July, and throughout June we saw lots of people carrying baskets and crates of yangmei as gifts. After we walked through the rain and mist of the mountain to the yangmei trees we found out why. Yangmei has a rough, slightly scaly skin, but is a succulent, tangy delight, like a cross between a plum (it has a seed you spit out) and a raspberry. The darker the outside the sweeter the inside. We were supposed to take a couple of bushels back to Stacy’s home, but we probably ate one whole bushel before leaving the mountain. Wow. Zoe and Sumner used bamboo rods to pull the fruit close enough to pick and put into baskets, then Sumner went ahead and climbed into the tree to expedite the harvest. A great, juicy experience in our last family trip in China.